The Removing Barriers Game

Helping to recognise and remove the barriers faced by disabled people.

A close up photograph showing one of the question cards from the game.

How does it work?

Two teams play against each other to discuss and answer a range of questions and scenarios. There are 4 decks of cards in the game which will each stimulate different types of discussion and learning:

  • Removing Barriers cards: Identify barriers in a situation and suggest how they could be removed.
  • Community Resources cards: True/false questions about disability and impairments.
  • Institution cards: Discuss the history of disability and the social and medical models of disability.
  • Accessibility cards: Discuss the practicalities of accessing facilities & services for disabled people.
The Removing Barriers Game can be used informally in the workplace, or as part of structured training programmes or workshops. Don’t have an expert trainer or facilitator? That’s not a problem – the game is simple enough to be managed by the players, and everything you need is in the box.

To add even more value to the session, you could invite a disabled person to come along and share their experiences with the group.

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