The Removing Barriers Game

Disabled people should receive the same levels of service and access as anyone else. If you’re providing a service, it’s essential that you make it as inclusive and accessible as possible. Training is key to helping organisations and staff understand the challenges faced by disabled people.

The Removing Barriers Game comes with a board and four different categories of question card.

The first step is to understand the issues, and think about services & facilities in the way that disabled people do. Once we recognise the barriers faced by disabled people, we can think about how we remove them. Barriers can often be overlooked because service-providers just don’t realise that they exist.

The Removing Barriers Game is designed to raise awareness of the barriers faced by disabled people, helping players understand what real life issues still exist, before focussing on what they can do to remove these barriers.

What people say about Removing Barriers:

Andy Hendry
Project manager, DDPA

"I found it fun, enjoyable, very informative, thought provoking and an excellent way to generate discussion around the subject of equality for disabled people. "

Colin Findley
Founder and Director, DICE

"It gives people an opportunity to discuss and debate a number of issues that disabled people face on a regular basis."

Keith Bulmer
Volunteer, DDPA

"It opens up discussions and makes people think about what disabled people need to face during their daily lives."

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£80.00 EXC Vat

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